Isagenix – Day 3


Food! I just got done with dinner about an hour ago and eating was spectacular, though I was a bit disappointed, given I’d planned my meal out. Let’s start from the top, though.

I woke up this morning and took my bloodsugar, which was at a better 212. Still not where I want it, by a long shot, but much better than the previous morning’s 278. I haven’t taken my evening bloodsugar yet; waiting until about four hours after I eat…so we’re looking at a late night. That’s alright, though.

I had shakes today, instead of water, which was a super-welcomed change from the past couple days. I had a vanilla shake in the morning and a chocolate in the afternoon. They’re each 240 calories with 11 grams of sugar, and they’re pretty filling. But I guess in comparison to water, anything with calories is filling. Nothing spectacular happened, otherwise. You mix some water, some ice, and the shake mix together and drink it. The chocolate was better than the vanilla. If I were to continue the Isagenix thing past my initial 30-day commitment, I can probably live without the vanilla. I’ll suffer through it for now, though.

Dinner. So my wife, two girls, and mother-in-law all went to Outback, as planned. I changed my meal up slightly after looking at their website and decided, instead, to go with a 6 oz steak, chicken on the barbie, two orders of broccoli, and a cup of chicken tortilla soup. Well, this place didn’t have chicken tortilla soup (sigh), so I had to switch it up. I ordered an extra two orders of broccoli. Let me tell you, after the two day water fast, I wasn’t as prepared to eat as much as I’d ordered. I ate everything but those two extra orders of broccoli (though to be fair, I could have downed the soup were it available). So instead of what would have been about 790 calories, it instead ended up being roughly 730 calories, give or take a few (I had a half teaspoon of ranch that came with my wife’s/mother-in-law’s cheese fries; ate that with the broccoli). I didn’t eat any bread or cheese fries, but I did sneak one small french fry from my daughter’s plate. It tasted super oily. Don’t know if that’s the after effects of the water diet, and being a little more sensitive to taste, or if it’s just oily anyway. I didn’t need anymore than that. Also, I barely touched my water until I was done with my meal, but I finished all that, as well. Very satisfying!

On the way home, I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription. Yes, I saw the doctor today, but there’s no real developments. They took my blood to get an A1C (it was 7.6 or something in October…not great; I believe it’s supposed to be at or under 6). I’ll get the results in a couple days and then they’ll adjust, as necessary, my medicine dosage for the Type II diabetes, or pre-diabetes, or whatever it is I’m actually afflicted with. Also, found out I was apparently supposed to have gone up to 1000 mg of Metformin (my medication) twice a day. I’ve been taking 750 mg once a day…when I remembered to take it. I’m bad about taking medicine. Yet, another commitment I have made for this diet, and this year, and going forward. I gotta remember that stuff. Anyway, about CVS–they wanted $132 for 100 bloodsugar test strips. They’re normally $157. So my insurance (@myUHC) is taking $25 off. Ridiculous. Health insurance is such a fucking joke. The people in those positions making money off people, charging them exorbitant prices simply to get rich should “be in jail.” I put that in quotes as a substitution because I actually think differently, but don’t want to put those true thoughts to print.

I’m 10% through this month. I’ve lost 6.25 lbs as of this morning. I don’t believe I’ll lose any tonight, though I’d love to, because I think the initial loss is water weight, but I’m going to stick to it. And to anyone posting comments as this goes to Facebook, I appreciate it. Putting this on there keeps me accountable!


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