Isagenix – Day 7


I’ve made it through a week of Isagenix. I can’t say I feel too much different, however, my bloodsugar would say otherwise. It was at 157 last night, 210 this morning, and 154 not five minutes ago. There are still some jumps, but I can’t be expecting a world of change only 7 days in. I’m very happy with it, though. My goal is to be consistently under 140, and better yet, closer to 100. A large part of all this has got to be my staying away from bread.

I had the strawberry shake this morning; I reiterate that it’s not my favorite. It’s better than the vanilla, but only just so. It’s got a really fake flavor to it. All the shakes have that diet taste to them that you just can’t describe, but they’re more prevalent in the vanilla and strawberry shakes. I think the chocolate one hides it the most just because of the cocoa. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s enough to make me enjoy that shake, hands down, over the others. These, though, are all a hell of a lot better than this fiber drink I was gulping down 6 months ago when I cut sugar for ten days. You’re supposed to mix it with water, but it did not mix. I liken it to drinking cream of wheat that’s mostly water. Worse, still–if you leave water and the fiber stuff (which I’m drawing a blank on the name just now) out overnight, it will gel. It will turn into a jelly like goo-slash-slime that will hold its shape for a brief period. Definitely filling, but not a fun drink.

The afternoon shake was a treat today, too, because I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in there. It wasn’t a ton of flavor that came through, as the chocolate definitely shone through, but the texture was different and there was a little bit of the flavor. It was really good!

Then at roughly 3:15, my wife sends me a text indicating she wants a pizza for dinner and asked if I’d order. I got online with Papa John’s and ordered a special: buy one at regular price, get one free. I got a double-cheese pizza on regular crust (medium) and then a large thin crust, again double-cheese. I wanted so badly to attack all the pizza, but I didn’t. I did, however, have a bite of the thin crust. Did my cravings go away? Fuck no, they didn’t! People that tell you that, that their food cravings disappear, I don’t believe that for a second. They’re putting on a show, being strong, or whatever they wanna call it–those cravings don’t disappear. Now, I didn’t sway from the diet; that was max 50 calories (if that), and my dinner was a couple pieces of chicken (140 calories each), broccoli (80 calories), and some fresh salsa on the chicken (probably 50 calories, but that’s likely an overestimate). That’s under a 600-calorie dinner, with my shakes (and extra tablespoon of peanut butter, which would be between 90-100 calories), I’m at maybe 1200 calories, give or take. I really do wish I could have beaten that pizza up though…smelled so good.

Tomorrow is day eight, and I’ve got to do my measurements and check-ins and whatnot; see where I’m at. I’ll also have to forward the info to my doctor so she can be advised of all this stuff, as well. I think with the uptick in medication and a serious change in diet and exercise, I’m on the road. I keep telling myself–audibly, even–it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I just wish January 30 was here so I could see the results, already!

***Edit: I almost forgot! I finished the Netflix series, Godless. It was pretty good. A western with a one-armed Jeff Daniels (who’s so good in everything!) and a bunch of other actors I’ve never heard of before, save Kim Coates, of Sons of Anarchy fame (Tig). It’s only a 7-episode series, and I don’t think they’re going to make anything more of it, but it hits on topics of family and religion and vengeance and learning to read. The basics. I think my wife and I are gonna start The Fall (also on Netflix), per her mother’s insistence it’s a good show. I also finished the first Zelazny book, Nine Princes in Amber. I’ll finish the rest of them after I get through Ready Player One, which I’ll be starting on my drive in to work tomorrow.


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