Isagenix – Day 9


I had lunch today instead of dinner. I thought it might be a little easier on the days my wife works just to eat at lunch so I don’t have to worry about making myself dinner along with the girls. It was easier. I had a strawberry shake with some peanut butter and that’s my new go-to. When able, I’m gonna add peanut butter to my shakes. It’s more filling and tastes better. It’s probably adding about 100 calories to the shake, though. Maybe I’ll just do it for max one shake a day.

I went to Subway for lunch and had a footlong ham sub, no cheese, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, onions, light mayo and honey mustard. All told, it was 740 calories, and was my first real meal with bread this year. It was outstanding. I could’ve eating 3. All that’s going to have to wait, though, because tomorrow’s not going to be any easier. I’m doing a fast day tomorrow, so it’ll be another day of four of those four-ounce shots of whatever the hell’s in the cleanse drink and a bunch of water. I’m not looking forward to it. I am, however, looking forward to Thursday night, as I’ve got a steak waiting in the fridge. I’ll marinate it tomorrow, nothing fancy. I’ve only got about 43 or 44 hours to go. Sigh.

I’m looking at this little tub of pretzels I have in my office and I want to open them, but they’re probably one of the things that negatively affected my bloodsugar the most. They’re a mindless snack. Speaking of bloodsugar, I’m still continuing on a downward trend. This morning, it was 183, I believe (high, but good considering I took the metformin at noon the day before). I took my medicine with dinner (my shake) tonight, and I think that helped because it was a 2018 low of 134. I’m hesitant to believe I’ll see a reading of 100, but if I do, I still think the medicine would be the biggest reason.

I think I’ve fucked up my body so much over the past 30+ years that it’s going to need to be regulated with diet, exercise, and medicine–at least for a little while. I’d like to say I want to be off the meds at some point, but I know I’m going to get off of this diet at some point. I’m not saying I’ll revert to my old ways, but I’m going to throw in food when I want, albeit healthier alternatives. And I also want to have pizza or pasta at some point. The soonest that’d be is when I’m done with these 30 days. I’m 30% done. Marathon, not a sprint.

Still excited to see what’s going to happen at the end of this. I have no doubt my bloodsugar will be leagues better than it was when I started out, but curious about how much I’m going to lose. I’m also eager to see my chest and arms. I’m doing the pushups 20 at a time now, which still (I know) isn’t a lot, but it’s more than I was doing 10 days ago. I’m already 60 ahead of where I need to be, meaning I’ve only got 40 remaining for tomorrow (and it’ll near immediately only be 20, as I knock 20 out as soon as I roll outta bed). The goal is to keep it at 100/day, I don’t want to up that, but if I need a challenge, I’ll try and go up in the number that I do each time, maybe 25 next. More people should do this, I think. It’s such a small amount to commit to. Ten pushups might take, max, 20 seconds to complete. Do that ten times throughout the day and you’ve committed to 200 seconds of working out. And it’s pretty cool watching ‘real’ people get results, too. Here’s one that I’d watched, if you’re interested.

Didn’t realize how late it is. I’m gonna crash!


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