Isagenix – Day 10


I made it through another fast. It’s hard for me to contemplate the fact that out of the last 10 days, 3 of them have been without any food. That’s a completely new experience for me. And to be honest, it kind of puts into a super-small perspective what people going without food is like. It’s exhausting and depressing. There’s a huge difference, however, in knowing that I’ll be able to eat the next day vice a homeless person who may have no idea when (or if) their next meal is coming. That’s a sad thought.

I got to thinking, after talking to a friend today, about Isagenix. Yes, it’s lowering my sugar, and yes it seems to be doing well, thus far, but I wonder if I could achieve the same kind of results with a whey protein shake, or another less costly option. At around $350–at the discounted rate–on a 30 day diet, we’re talking a total spent of near $11.67 per day. If you figure that accounts for two meals a day, that’s about $5.83 per meal. After (just now) doing some research, Isagenix is regarded as good, but not great. It’s got 11 grams of sugar per serving, which I thought was high, and reviews say that’s a bit much. It’s also one of the more expensive options. I will likely look elsewhere once my 30 days is over, should I continue on shakes-for-meal replacements, but will absolutely leave the door open to come back. There are just a ton of options out there for far less money and less sugar–my biggest concern.

Speaking of sugar, I’ve done fairly well today. Given that it was a fasting day, I guess I can’t be *too* stoked, but I was at 162 this morning and 140 about 20 minutes ago when I tested myself. I’ll note that I had to take a two-hour power nap when I got home because I was completely wiped, but I feel pretty good. Oh, another thing…and this is probably bad; I only had maybe 40 oz of water today, on top of the 16 oz of the cleanse drink. I just wasn’t thirsty. I’m not even super hungry right now, though if you threw 10 soft tacos my way from Taco Bell, I’d have a tough time turning them down–but I would. I made the commitment for the 30 days and I’m going to honor that. It may be a little difficult next Saturday as we celebrate my daughter’s second birthday. It’ll be at a Chuck E Cheese (obviously). I’m not a big fan of their pizza, as I find it way too buttery, but I’ll be hard-pressed to get a shake in there while everyone’s eating. And that stuff does NOT mix well by hand. That night, I’ll be at a friend’s house playing D&D, as well. That sounds like it’s gonna be a Chipotle or something else night.

Well, I’m a third of the way done with this thing (Isagenix, not the weight loss), and I’m satisfied with the results–I think they’re fine–but the whole sugar content thing is weighing on my mind. I’ll have to do some comparisons to other shakes to prep myself for February and see if it’s worth continuing a meal replacement diet or if I should instead just go with low calorie options. Maybe if I limit myself to 250 calories per meal (the shakes are 240), I could enjoy some scrambled eggs again, or a salad. Decisions…


2 thoughts on “Isagenix – Day 10

  1. Hey there! I’ve been doing Isagenix for a year (I still can’t believe I stuck with ANYTHING this long) and I wanted to share something I’ve learned along the way regarding the sugar content of these shakes!
    There’s more than one kind of sugar….the sugar you think of first (and is most commonly found) is processed sugar, which is essentially “fast acting” or rapidly metabolized sugar. This kind of sugar is not so good for our bodies, as it stimulates the pancreas to make too much insulin for the amount of time that sugar will be in your body. After the sugar is metabolized, there is leftover insulin, which causes a sugar drop and causes you to get that “hangry feeling.” The second type of sugar is the sugar found in whole, natural foods such as fruits. This sugar takes longer to metabolize and is actually an essential compound for our bodies to survive. The time that it takes to metabolize this sugar matches the insulin release that is our pancreas’ natural mechanism, which is why you don’t get a “sugar crash” from eating fruit. The insulin and sugar time spent in the body match up.
    This second type of sugar is what is primarily used in Isagenix shakes, so even though it says 11g of sugar per serving…take into account the TYPE of sugar that it is. I hope this helps…PLUS do your own research! If you find another meal replacement shake that has this good sugar and costs less, then certainly look into it! So far Isagenix has the best bang for your buck on all nutritional fronts that I’ve found, but I’m sure there’s other options out there that I haven’t explored.
    That being said, KEEP IT UP!! Those first 30 days are hard, but super rewarding. 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much for the reply! I never thought anyone outside my Facebook circle would see this, so if you’re the only one ever whom I never met, that’s awesome that it’s reached you! I appreciate the points on sugar, and assuming you’ve read through my posts, you could tell that sugar is a big factor for me because I’m trying to improve my blood sugar. It’s been super high for a while and I never really took it seriously until these past holidays when I was hovering in the high 390s/low 400s (thankfully I’m talking about blood sugar and not weight!). It’s most definitely gone down because of diet and I still need to get back on the exercise train (shoulder still killing me, feeling like it’s separating, nearly)–but back to sugar. Regardless of the type, I want my intake to be as low as it can for meal replacements. I want to keep it low regardless of the type of sugar; at least for my breakfast and lunch meals (which are the more typical meals I’m doing the shakes for). I realize there’s gonna be sugars in any of the other foods I eat, but I’ve accounted (or am trying to do so) for those. Typically, I’ll have less sugar in my dinner than my shakes. And don’t get me wrong; Isagenix has been working well for me, but I just want a little more off the top; less sugar. I know that I’ll sacrifice flavor/taste, but I’m just weighing my options. Going for my own research, absolutely, but I definitely want to hear what others have to say; the good and bad, the layman and the professional. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you!


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