Isagenix – Day 11


I had a whole diatribe in this spot about our President’s most recent colorful verbal diarrhea, but I deleted it. I think if you look at his actions and what he’s said and you support him, I already know what and how you think. People bring up ‘deplorables’ and this is absolutely just as bad, if not worse. I dunno what to say. I really don’t. It’s just not, in my opinion, good. In totality, it’s not good. Thirty-two percent of the population would disagree, I guess. But I digress.

My bloodsugar was 125 thirty minutes ago. Again, color me surprised. It was 137 this morning, raising only 3 points from the night prior. I had steak tonight, but it wasn’t great. We got some ribeyes, which were far too fatty. It was about a 19 oz steak which quickly turned into about 9 oz after it was cooked. The dogs got themselves a nice treat, though. I also had a sweet potato with just salt and pepper. What’s more, I only took in about 12 oz of water today, minus what’s required for the shakes (add another 16 oz). I just completely forgot to drink and wasn’t very thirsty. I’m going to have another glass before I go to bed, but I’m curious how that’s going to affect things with bloodsugar and the diet.

I’ve been slowly adding to the number of pushups I do at a time. I started this thing at about 10 at a time, got to 15, got to 20, and then 25, and today started at 30. My right shoulder is severely unhappy with my efforts; right on the top. Don’t know what I did to it, but it smarts pretty good. My goal is to get it up to 45 or 50 by the end of the month, if that’s possible. I’d be super surprised, too, because in the Army (when I was 40 lbs less, by the way), the most pushups I ever did was 44. I was just never a runner or a pushup guy. I was able (again, back then) to max out my situps, but was really bad at the others. Come to find out years later, I had an issue with my heart that was never diagnosed by them, despite my concerns and trips to sick call…again, I digress. If I can get to 35, that is probably what I was at in the Army, insofar as how many I could do non-stop. Fifty would be an achievement.

I’m half-way through Ready Player One and I dig it, a lot. If you’re in to video games, or D&D, 80’s, or sci-fi/fantasy, you should check it out if you haven’t, yet. I’m digging it!


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