Isagenix – Day 12


Spoiler alert: I’m adding a fast day to my diet.

My wife and I got out of the house, together, for the first time in a while. Date night. We went out to get dinner (Mod Pizza, which is amazing!) and a movie (Jumanji). It was a pretty damn good night. So let’s talk about the food. Yes, I had pizza. And a salad. And some popcorn. And Twix. But I was really good all week and was under my target for calories by probably 700 for the week. But as recompense, I’m adding another fasting day, though it will be modified. I won’t have the cleanse drink, as per normal, but I’m going to modify a day with no food and just a single shake for the day. That’ll be good to even out any calories I ingested today.

Also, I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to go today. Worked late, so I didn’t get home til 4:30. Napped til about 5:30. Dropped kids off at mother-in-law’s by 6:10, and then dinner and movie. Now I’m here. It’s 11:35 as I type this, and I’m pretty tired. I might, however, stay up a bit more to listen to more of my audiobook. I’ve got about six hours, give or take, of Ready Player One. I consumed this book pretty quick. I should also get a chance to listen to an hour or so of it tomorrow at the gym. I’m not going to go crazy, but I’m gonna stick to cardio only tomorrow. I might get a wild hair and do a couple sets of machine weights, but that’s about it. And anything with shoulders, right now–forget it. My pushups are on pause so I can let myself heal, but I’ll make those up. If I’m good to go by Sunday, I’ll just add another 25 a day for four days and call it even.

Jumanji was a pretty damn funny movie. My wife and I liked it. It’s got a goofy plot, but it was good. It was definitely aimed at the more high-school-aged kids and the awkward young adults, but it was a good movie, nonetheless. All four of the main cast were pretty good in their roles (especially Kevin Hart and Rock, obviously), but there was a surprise cast member. Or at least he was a surprise to me. I think it was a good introductory role for dude, too.

Oh, before I head off, bloodsugar was elevated, as I’d expected. It read 183 about 3 hours after eating. Again, I’m going to compensate for my meal today with another fast day, and tomorrow is gym and a normal day again. Probably chicken and broccoli. It’s boring, but it’s effective.


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