Isagenix – Days 20 & 21


I’ll try and make today’s blog relatively brief. I ate a bunch yesterday. I no breakfast. I had two slices of pepperoni pizza at Chuck E. Cheese for my daughter’s birthday, which I do not like at all. It made me feel sick so I’d taken a nap when I got home. Then I went to a friend’s house to play Dungeons & Dragons (which may have been as good as the food, if not more so). I had Potbelly (a Wreck with bacon and a PB&J). I had cookies, and chips, and Starburst. I probably had 3500-4000 calories. It was nuts. I ate like an animal yesterday and I felt bad for a bit, not health-wise, but in regards to my diet. I immediately decided when I got home (at 4 am) that I was going to fast for day 21.

And that’s what I did, today. I fasted all day. I had zero calories, and to be honest, I didn’t drink nearly enough water, by a long shot. I wasn’t thirsty. To be honest, today I was more pissed than anything. What started out as a pretty good day got ruined quickly when I told my daughter to stop walking on the couch because she could fall and hurt herself. She then proceeded to tell me that she wants a new daddy. Maybe a bit of oversharing, but I don’t care–that shit hurt. Some might say to have thicker skin, but that’s not happening. I won’t put up with that or just accept it. I put her in the corner for a few minutes and (regrettably) spent the rest of the day pissed off upstairs. Was that the right way to handle it? Nope, but on top of being hungry and pissed, I didn’t have much patience for the world, today. Add on to all of that the government shutdown. Everything’s chaos. There needs to be a reset button for days like this.

My blood sugar was 228 last night, 228 this morning (surprised it didn’t rise higher, honestly), and 10 minutes ago, it was 103. That’s the all-time low so far. I’m shocked that it dropped 125 points, but I guess that makes sense given my zero intake of calories. I think that getting home at 4 am and sleeping til 8:30, staying up til 10, and sleeping again til 1:30 was the motivator in getting me through the day. I’ve been tired all day and I could fall asleep right now. That’s why I wanted to get this post up now because I think I’m gonna get some shuteye in just a couple minutes. I guess I’ll find out whether or not I’m going in to work whenever I wake up.


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