Isagenix – Day 22


So I had the day off today, kinda. More like I was directed to take the day off because the Republicans and the Democrats can’t figure out how to compromise. Some great job our ‘negotiator’ of a president did, throwing in his two cents. Someone, remind me what his suggestion was again? To quote that cretin: “Sad.”

I used the day to clean out more of my garage and push some of the stuff we have in boxes to the shed. I also threw away a bunch of stuff, to include all my Army stuff. I just had no more use for it. It’s the old pattern, the lid was off (a HUGE wolf spider was dead in there), and it wasn’t ever going to be worn again. I supposed I might have felt differently if I’d have spent time in Afghanistan or Iraq or something, but the furthest I’d been was South Korea, and I got out just before my old company got deployed. I was lucky.

My youngest daughter’s birthday was today, so it was good to be here with her. She turned two. We had Sweet Frog (190 calories; I was counting, still!). I skipped lunch because I was out there in the garage and moving stuff to the shed (so I might have burned 200-300 calories as well over the course of the 3 or so hours I was out there. It was a really nice day, too. I also didn’t use my holiday leave for MLK day last week, so it was a wash, all in all, for me. We’re still not out of the woods yet, as the “President’ still has to sign off on everything–only for us to likely be in the same predicament three weeks from now. Sigh.

The whole of Congress needs to be washed. There need to be laws in place stating that everyone’s checking and savings balances are open and available for public view, every cent going in or out. And if someone is caught doing anything purposely to better their own circumstance/situation, they need to be summarily…well, I’ll let you fill in the blanks on that. Let’s just say that I think there is far too much representation for themselves then for the actual public interest. I don’t have all the answers, myself, and would never claim to, but I know a lot of people (not even including myself) are getting screwed over, daily, be it from health care, or taxes, or benefits not being paid because there’s all this red tape to cut through. How many Canadians are upset with their government? Just curious. I know England’s got its problems, but Norway seems happy. Switzerland isn’t in the news for negative press all that much. What are they doing right that we’re not, in as much respect to the people. Fix it, Congress.

Back to the topic at hand: I was down 11.5 lbs this morning. My blood sugar was 103 and when I took it 20 minutes ago, it was 130. I had a strawberry shake (which may have been my last one; I seriously detest that stuff), no lunch (repeating myself), a nice 8 oz steak, a sweet potato, some peppers, some mini-potatoes, and 8 oz of Sweet Frog (orange-vanilla twist, and strawberry). It was a pretty good day, considering a lot of it shouldn’t have happened (see above, re: Shutdown), but outside that complaint, I had a much better day today than yesterday. So that’s a win.


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