Isagenix – Day 24


Well, I got to about 4 pm before I couldn’t take it and had a peanut butter sandwich. I was supposed to be on my fast day, but I got hungry, to the point where I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep because of it. So I had that, slept a couple hours, took my bloodsugar: 190. Yipes! I had a dinner consisting of a little bit of mac and cheese after talking myself out of ramen, spaghetti, more peanut butter, a ham sandwich, and brown rice with chili. I didn’t want to get heart burn; I just wanted something in my stomach and I didn’t want to drink anything. At only 220 calories, I could have done worse. Maybe going for a third fasting day out of eight days wasn’t a great idea. Props to the people that can fast for weeks. That is not fun.

Today was kind of a blah day. I’m being tasked with a project I really don’t want to do because the person before put so much bad work into it, I literally don’t know where to begin. I guess it’ll be a good challenge, but my concern is that I’m jumping around way too quickly from language to language without getting a firm grasp on anything. I’ve gone from Access to Python to Excel to Perl to xQuery to VBA to Regular Expressions; it’s impossible to comprehend any of that when I don’t have a good feel for a particular discipline. But that’s life, I guess. I’ll do the best I can and push forward.

I just got done with Fast and Furious 4, but it was the third one I have watched in as many days. As I stated, I’m going to watch them in the chronological order, though I still *really* don’t want to watch Tokyo Drift. I’m still having a tough time figuring out what people saw in these movies. I mean, they’re alright, but they’re not great. The character development is severely lacking and the stories, plot twists, and story arcs can be seen from a mile away. I’m nearly half-way through the series though, so I’m going to keep at it. I never intended for this to be an every day thing, but it’s a good way to unwind, I guess, when you can’t figure out what you want to watch. And it’s not so violent as other things I could be watching, which is good when the kids are awake. Tomorrow may be difficult to watch something, however, because I’ve got D&D planned for later in the evening. So…nap or another Fast and Furious? Hmm.

I got a two-hour nap when I’d gotten home. I knew I needed it about 10 miles away from the house because I started to get that feeling like you’re having an out of body experience. I knew I was in my car, but it didn’t feel like I was driving. I was just going through the motions. Then I was home and couldn’t go to sleep without having something in my stomach, so I had that peanut butter sandwich, which helped a lot! Oh, and my wife’s Gravity blanket *finally* arrived. It was supposed to have been guaranteed delivered by mid-October, but they kept changing the date. It’s heavy af but it’s pretty cool. Will be interested to hear how my wife’s sleep went by tomorrow morning. Now, if only I could get the Coolest Cooler I’d ordered back in like 2014. Smh. Terrible business. It’s always a gamble with Kickstarter, though.


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