Isagenix – Day 25


Today was a relatively good day! I had my shakes, as prescribed, and some Qdoba (much to a co-worker’s friend’s disapproval. I didn’t get to watch Fast and Furious 5 because my daughters wanted to take a small nap, and who am I to say no to them? They’re so cute and tired and ohmygodIlovetosleep!

We woke up and I bribed them with cheap toys from the dollar store so that they would allow me to get my Qdoba (and I got them Noodles and Company because they like macaroni and cheese with the meatballs–I’m not going to lie, I wanted that, too). We played for a bit and then my mother-in-law came over and watched them for a bit while I did some character creation for my Thursday D&D game. It’s a new game. Found out one of the guys is actually up in Gaithersburg, MD. Small world.

My blood sugar was 119. Color me surprised, again. I always think that after having Qdoba, or anything with rice for that matter (brown rice, if you must know), that it would raise my sugar, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It appears as if I can metabolize that stuff just fine. My wife got some chicken alfredo (again, thanks to my mother-in-law), but I didn’t touch it, despite the fact that it sounds delicious. Olive Garden may be the McDonald’s of Italian dining, but damn it if it isn’t tasty. A hell of a lot better than Carrabba’s, which I’ve had three times and hated each time. I think it’s something with their sauce–it’s gross, to me. Olive Garden would rank further down the line compared to Maggiano’s and Romano’s Macaroni Grill. But you can’t beat the price. And talking about all this Italian food makes me want a Tour of Italy. Yum.

Not too much went on today. I’ve got five days remaining on this diet and I gotta decide what’s next. Maybe this weekend I’ll go check out a GNC and see what kind of protein powder shakes they’ve got. I don’t know that I’d buy from them directly vice looking at comparison prices with Amazon, but it beats going through the tons of products online–information overload. Definitely going to look to see if they have some drinks along the lines of what I was talking about above, as well, to get away from the stale shake-shake-dinner routine. Also throwing in food will help, but still gonna try to limit myself to 600 calories total for breakfast and lunch. And…coffee! Soon! We’ll see how that goes.


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