Keto – Day 12

Well, I’ll cut right to it. I had no energy at all today. I just existed. I floated through the day. I was mentally clear enough to get through okay, that wasn’t an issue, but I was just exhausted, so I was really looking forward to my doctor’s appointment because, again, I’m sick of feeling like this. Let’s just jump right to that.

She seemed a little taken aback that I was committing for 90 days, but said outright that she wouldn’t want to discourage me from the diet and that, obviously, there’s no one single diet that can do everything we want it to, and that they’re all different.  My only concern was she was going to try and make me stop it, but I’m glad she didn’t. I honestly don’t think I would have, anyway. Aside from the irritability and lack of sustained energy, my body is reacting well to it as my blood sugar is going down (naturally, from a restriction on carbs and sugar) and so is my weight (due to a lesser intake of calories, which I’m completely fine with because I’m never starving like I was on a standard carb-infused diet). I am also going to be taking off next Friday to get some labwork done, and it works well because my wife has doctor’s appointment, too.

My bloodwork may potentially show something to do with my exhaustion, but she believes it’s sleep apnea. I was diagnosed years ago (2011? 2012?) with mild sleep apnea, but I never elected to get the mask. I guess I just don’t relish the thought of putting on all that headgear night after night. Besides, if I’m able to lose enough weight, the sleep apnea may cure itself. But if it’s going to continue, with my energy draining more and more, I may have to seriously consider another study and potentially taking the plunge into that Darth Vader sleep mask.

I didn’t take anything in for breakfast other than some water. I had some mild heartburn this morning, likely from that keto bread (only thing I can think of). I also had a blood sugar of 156, which could potentially be caused by a poor night’s sleep. My wife said I snored pretty loud, and that I have been all this time, but I had no idea. I don’t know how she sleeps through it, in fact. Anyway, lunch was awesome. I had six buffalo wings that I ate at a desk with my friend while we pored over some paperwork, and I’m sure it looked rude (sorry Amanda!), but they were outstanding. I forgot that wings were ‘in’ for this diet. I’ll have to take advantage of that more. I left early at 1 pm for my doctor’s appointment and just, again, floated through the drive there and my appointment and my drive home. By the time I got out of my car, I could have fallen asleep right there. I tried to tough it out and stay awake, but I couldn’t do it. I took a two-hour nap and woke up still tired. Unmotivated to cook (all our meat was frozen–damn!–and eggs didn’t sound good), I elected to get either a salad or some wings, again. I opted for a chicken taco salad…from Qdoba. I know I should cook at home more often, and I will. I got my food scale today and my food processor. I absolutely–ABSOLUTELY–plan on using those. But the food I got, while not my normal meal from Qdoba, was super satisfying: a bowl of lettuce, chicken, fajita veggies, queso diablo, shredded cheese, and some sour cream. I passed by the soda machine and wanted to drink buckets of Dr. Pepper; ah, to dream.

I looked up recipes for cauliflower bread and using that for grilled cheese. I might try that this weekend. That keto bread is just not for me. It’s dense. I might give it another go some other time using the grams vs ounces approach, but it’ll likely be a while.

MyFitnessPal logged me in with the following macros:

  • 60 out of the allowed 142 g of fat, accounting for 68% of my calories; target is 75%
  • 46 out of the allowed 85 g of protein, accounting for 23% of my calories; target is 20%
  • 18 out of the allowed 20 g of carbohydrates, accounting for 9% of my calories; target is 5%

Tomorrow is my first event away from the house. I’m going to a wedding (CONGRATS CORD AND ALISHA!). Going to have a steak and some ‘seasonal vegetables’ which I hope include squash. Gonna suck not being able to indulge in the cake or drinks, but I’ll be alright. Maintaining my current path is more important.


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