Keto – Day 52

I’m putting everything on this post and tomorrow’s on my iPad so I’m going to likely shorten it a little bit. I hate typing on this thing.

I definitely had some treats today—but I stayed within my macro budget. I had two coffees today. These were the first coffees I’ve had in a while  that first one really helped with energy. Too bad I was driving two hours at the time it hit. But it re-focused my mind on what I want and don’t want. I know for sure, even more so now, how much I dislike the area and how we gotta get put of there. It’s soul-sucking and depressing. How can so many people be happy to live in such crazy congestion?

Back to today’s food, I had that coffee for breakfast (with two tablespoons of half and half). Lunch was some buffalo wings. Dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich with no bun…and an ounce of fries. They served crinkle-cut fries with it and I wanted to eat them all but I allowed myself just enough to not kill my carbs. I don’t have MCT oil with me so I had to eat for my fat; I had some Fat Snax peanut butter cookies and a mozzarella and pepperoni roll-up. I’m totality, I didn’t do fantastic on macros but it was better that I thought.

MyFitnessPal shows me at:

  • 81 out of the allowed 129 g of fat, accounting for 62% of my calories; target is 75%
  • 76 out of the allowed 78 g of protein, accounting for 28% of my calories; target is 20%
  • 18 out of the allowed 20 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 10% of my calories; target is 5%

If I had MCT oil, I’d have been closer to my macros. I’m okay with this, though. I don’t have a scale here so I will have to wait to get home to see what’s going on there, but I’m giving myself no more than two lbs gained after vacation. Any more than that, I get my ass back to the gym. I figure I’m not sick anymore, so I can’t use that excuse.


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