Keto – Day 76

I wasn’t feeling so great today. I wasn’t on the verge of throwing up or anything, but I felt a little off. It affected my eating today, and while I was close with my macros, I was still off with calories, but I don’t feel like I needed anymore–at least for today. I was at 205.2 lbs this morning, which is my lowest yet. I finally got to sit in the bathroom for a bit, too, so I’m hoping to dip a little lower.

Breakfast was late, but it was another Ore-Ida Crack an Egg cup. I put some red pepper flakes in there and some habanero Tabasco sauce; delicious! I drank that with a glass of water and had a coffee and MCT oil a bit later. Lunchtime was a disappointment; I had two mozzarella and pepperoni rollups. I think that might have been the cause as to why I didn’t feel great. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for dinner, but I ended up having some peanut butter on a low-carb tortilla. I had another cup of coffee later with another tablespoon of MCT oil. Having only two tablespoons of that oil today was good, I think. I’d been leaning too heavy into using it as a crutch, and to be honest, if I felt better today, I probably would have had a couple more tablespoons of it.

MyFitnessPal macros show that I was still close to my goals:

  • 87 out of the allowed 125 g of fat, accounting for 73% of my calories; target is 75%
  • 58 out of the allowed 75 g of protein, accounting for 22% of my calories; target is 20%
  • 14 out of the allowed 25 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 5% of my calories; target is 5%

I’m really glad there’s so much fiber in those tortillas! They don’t seem to be killing my blood sugar, so as a change of pace, they’re great. I feel like I’ve slowed to a crawl, though, as far as what foods I want to eat. I’ll be happier when my selections open up a bit. I think that if I can function on a 50 net carb diet, I should be alright. At least then I can start to have some sandwiches or just mix things up a bit–have more vegetables. We’ll see what that’s like in just a couple weeks!


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