Keto – Day 78

I got a little closer to my calorie goal today and my macros were all good, despite my treat I had. I was in pretty damn excruciating pain with my ankle for most of the day, not even able to put my foot down on the scale without a couple tears wanting to stream down. It hurt! I stopped off at a grocery store on the way in because I couldn’t take it; I needed to wrap it in ice when I got in to work. Walking through the store was agony and thankfully they had their grocery carts relatively close to where I parked because it was not fun walking to the front door. Well, not walking…hobbling. I was hobbled.

I got some ice packs, an ACE bandage, and 8 Quest bars, because why not. Each of those are only 4 or 5 net carbs, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to try to walk downstairs to get breakfast, so that’s what I had. It was a chocolate brownie one because that was the one that was due to expire first (by September 18th). All the others are good until at least February 2019, so they’re fine. I got 8 different flavors, and given there’s no time restriction on the rest, it’ll be a random draw each day I eat one of those from here on out. I couldn’t find the Bulletproof bars, which is a shame, but next time I see some, I’ll pick those up. Those bars are pretty good for some easy macros.

Lunch today was a medium coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. I was given some crutches to borrow and those things were super foreign to me! I’ve never had to mess with crutches because, as all can attest, I’m like the most healthy person alive, and I never get sick or injured (definitely a true story!). For dinner, I had the other steak rolled up with garlic butter and spinach, a little A1 (about a tablespoon) and my treat; a Hostess Petite cake. One of those is 9 carbs and only 3 grams of fat, so it was not the best selection, but let me tell you–it was the best selection. I wanted to eat them all. I had four total tablespoons of MCT oil to boost up the calories and fat content and after everything was said and done, I was pretty close to all my macros.

MyFitnessPal had me at:

  • 111 out of the allowed 125 g of fat, accounting for 78% of my calories; target is 75% (rounded up from 78.8%)
  • 54 out of the allowed 75 g of protein, accounting for 17% of my calories; target is 20% (rounded up from 5.6%)
  • 20 out of the allowed 25 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 5% of my calories; target is 5% (rounded up from 15.6%)

Thankfully I’m on lazy keto; I had a cake bite thing made by Hostess that tasted like straight sugar and bad-for-you stuff. It was good, though! #NoRagerts


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