Keto – Day 79

Tomorrow’s the countdown from 10 days! I can’t believe I actually made it this long, much less believe I’m down nearly 35 pounds already. Getting down to 180 lbs used to be a pipe dream, but now I’m really close to that happening. It’s still going to take some time, but it’s doable. I’ve shown myself that I can actually do it if I commit to eating healthily, taking all my required medicine, and keeping a somewhat active lifestyle. I’ll admit that last one has not been a mantra of mine these past nearly three months, but when my ankle is better, I will absolutely start doing stuff outside, whether that be longer walks, running, or maybe getting a bike, eventually. I totally expect the ability to lose weight to plateau soon and for me to need that extra help.

My ankle will require an orthopedic professional to look at it, and that’s happening Thursday. It feels a little better today; still a twinge of pain, but nowhere near as bad as the past couple days. I imagine in the morning it might hurt again, but I gave the crutches back to my friend at work with the hope that I won’t need them (thanks, Lisa!). My armpits also hurt, and I’m the worst at using crutches and nearly face-planted several times like an idiot, trying to go too fast.

Food-wise, my ankle was still hurting this morning, so I stayed up and had another Quest bar for breakfast; double-chocolate chunk. It was pretty good for being only four net carbs. Another friend grabbed me a coffee later in the day (thanks, Kelvin!) and I was able to walk down for lunch around a quarter after 11. I got a ham sandwich with no bread and just put mayo and mustard on it and ate it with a fork and knife. Dinner was an Ore-Ida Crack an Egg. I wanted to have a tortilla with peanut butter, but I decided to keep it lighter. I also had 4 total tablespoons of MCT oil. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I’m on calorie counting and don’t need MCT oil anymore on account of calories should be easy to get with the breads and pastas and rice I’ll be eating (in limited quantities) again. Super excited about that, let me tell you!

MyFitnessPal had me near my macros, and I actually feel more full than these show:

  • 130 out of the allowed 125 g of fat, accounting for 77% of my calories; target is 75%
  • 71 out of the allowed 75 g of protein, accounting for 19% of my calories; target is
  • 17 out of the allowed 25 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 4% of my calories; target is 5%

My wife is off work tomorrow and we were talking about getting barbeque at that Mission Barbeque place I talked about the other day. I wouldn’t mind getting the exact same meal (some sausage stuffed with cheddar and jalapenos and some moist brisket). Tomorrow should also be good if my ankle’s better because I’d like to actually go downstairs and get breakfast, though it’ll be a hard decision between eggs, kielbasa and sausage gravy versus those Quest bars with low carbs; but at least I’d like to be able to grab a coffee at my convenience. If not, I still have awesome friends who’ll do that for me.



2 thoughts on “Keto – Day 79

  1. Congratulations my friend. You will be in the 180’s in no time. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the ankle. 😦

    Have fun tomorrow shopping for a new BBQ. So muh fun!


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