Keto – Day 80

I won’t lie; today was a struggle to find food I wanted to eat. Breakfast was probably the best meal of the day, honestly, and it was an omelet with ham, peppers, and onions. Lunch was an uninspired Quest bar (cinnamon roll) which was okay, but nothing I’d look forward to, again. Dinner was some zucchini noodles and meatballs from Noodles and Co. but by the time I got to the third or fourth bite, I remembered why I didn’t go there more often; I just don’t like zucchini noodles. I love zucchini if it’s barbequeued or roasted with some other vegetables, but a noodle it is not.

I drank a glass of tea with four tablespoons of MCT oil (I’m telling you, it was a struggle!) and I’ll be regretting that in a little while. I’m physically exhausted because I didn’t get that much sleep last night. I’m downloading all kinds of practice files for this Full Stack Developer course on and some of them were taking forever and/or had errors in the files that disallowed the zip to export. Ugh. I’ll deal with those ones, I guess, when I get to those particular lessons.

MyFitnessPal is probably about as good as it’ll get for today, as I’m absolutely stuffed because of that gulp of MCT oil and tea:

  • 99 out of the allowed 125 g of fat, accounting for 73% of my calories; target is 75% (rounded up from 72.6%)
  • 60 out of the allowed 75 g of protein, accounting for 20% of my calories; target is 20% (rounded up from 19.6%)
  • 24 out of the allowed 25 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 8% of my calories; target is 5% (rounded up from 7.8%)

I still don’t like getting over 20 net carbs. I like the handicap of having 25 net carbs as a just in case, but after eating relatively well for the last 3 months, anything over 20 just feels different. I’ll have to log my food on day 91 just to see what the ultimate binge is going to look like. It’s only for one day though, and I earned it…or will have, by then.


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