Keto – Day 85

I got to the gym today! My mother-in-law was able to watch the girls after I got home while my wife went to work, so I came home, got dressed, and went to the gym. I didn’t do as great as I wanted. I was hoping that the lower weight would translate into a better workout, primarily with cardio, but it did not. I ran (in total) about 3/4 of a mile and walked another 3/4 of a mile. That totaled just over 20 minutes and I was spent. Granted, it’s been two months since I’d gone to the gym, and probably 7 months or so since I’d actually tried to run, but I just felt like I should have done better. After that, I got into some chest and tricep exercises and finished up with some core/abs workouts. I was there for about an hour or so and only quit when I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to go on any longer. I also, as you know by now, am terrible with water consumption, so I was about tapped out, anyway.

As far as eating today, I wasn’t hungry in the morning, so I grabbed a coffee. By 10 am or so, I had a white chocolate raspberry Quest bar, which was pretty good–moreso than I thought it was going to be. I went downstairs for lunch to look what they had, but nothing looked good. I ended up going with another coffee, still not knowing that I’d be going to the gym after work. To further add to that story, I put in about 2.5 tablespoons’ worth of MCT oil I’d had at work in a little plastic container for nearly three months. It didn’t end up killing me, so I think things are okay. I realize that I should have drank more water by lunch, but the fact that I wasn’t overfull with water probably saved me from throwing up when I’d gotten done with my workout. I typically do that every time I’ve been away from the gym for a while and work out too hard, but this time, I got to that point where I was about to, but I was able to hold it back. Dinner was a salad from Qdoba with chicken and steak and all the fixins’. It was much better than the last couple times I went. I don’t know if it’s because I was more hungry or not, but I thought it was fantastic!

MyFitnessPal macros were a little less than they’d been the previous few days, but given that I only had 3 1/2 tablespoons of MCT oil, I am just fine with them:

  • 114 out of the allowed 125 g of fat, accounting for 70% of my calories; target is 75%
  • 87 out of the allowed 75 g of protein, accounting for 24% of my calories; target is 20%
  • 22 out of the allowed 25 g of net carbohydrates, accounting for 6% of my calories; target is 5%

It’s the first time in a little bit that my protein went over my normal macro range, but given that I worked out pretty good today, I’m not very concerned with it. Doing all this to shed those last ~3 lbs to try and get to (or preferably under) that 200 lb mark. I have five full days remaining. Almost there!


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