Isagenix – Day 7


I’ve made it through a week of Isagenix. I can’t say I feel too much different, however, my bloodsugar would say otherwise. It was at 157 last night, 210 this morning, and 154 not five minutes ago. There are still some jumps, but I can’t be expecting a world of change only 7 days in. I’m very happy with it, though. My goal is to be consistently under 140, and better yet, closer to 100. A large part of all this has got to be my staying away from bread.

I had the strawberry shake this morning; I reiterate that it’s not my favorite. It’s better than the vanilla, but only just so. It’s got a really fake flavor to it. All the shakes have that diet taste to them that you just can’t describe, but they’re more prevalent in the vanilla and strawberry shakes. I think the chocolate one hides it the most just because of the cocoa. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s enough to make me enjoy that shake, hands down, over the others. These, though, are all a hell of a lot better than this fiber drink I was gulping down 6 months ago when I cut sugar for ten days. You’re supposed to mix it with water, but it did not mix. I liken it to drinking cream of wheat that’s mostly water. Worse, still–if you leave water and the fiber stuff (which I’m drawing a blank on the name just now) out overnight, it will gel. It will turn into a jelly like goo-slash-slime that will hold its shape for a brief period. Definitely filling, but not a fun drink.

The afternoon shake was a treat today, too, because I put a tablespoon of peanut butter in there. It wasn’t a ton of flavor that came through, as the chocolate definitely shone through, but the texture was different and there was a little bit of the flavor. It was really good!

Then at roughly 3:15, my wife sends me a text indicating she wants a pizza for dinner and asked if I’d order. I got online with Papa John’s and ordered a special: buy one at regular price, get one free. I got a double-cheese pizza on regular crust (medium) and then a large thin crust, again double-cheese. I wanted so badly to attack all the pizza, but I didn’t. I did, however, have a bite of the thin crust. Did my cravings go away? Fuck no, they didn’t! People that tell you that, that their food cravings disappear, I don’t believe that for a second. They’re putting on a show, being strong, or whatever they wanna call it–those cravings don’t disappear. Now, I didn’t sway from the diet; that was max 50 calories (if that), and my dinner was a couple pieces of chicken (140 calories each), broccoli (80 calories), and some fresh salsa on the chicken (probably 50 calories, but that’s likely an overestimate). That’s under a 600-calorie dinner, with my shakes (and extra tablespoon of peanut butter, which would be between 90-100 calories), I’m at maybe 1200 calories, give or take. I really do wish I could have beaten that pizza up though…smelled so good.

Tomorrow is day eight, and I’ve got to do my measurements and check-ins and whatnot; see where I’m at. I’ll also have to forward the info to my doctor so she can be advised of all this stuff, as well. I think with the uptick in medication and a serious change in diet and exercise, I’m on the road. I keep telling myself–audibly, even–it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I just wish January 30 was here so I could see the results, already!

***Edit: I almost forgot! I finished the Netflix series, Godless. It was pretty good. A western with a one-armed Jeff Daniels (who’s so good in everything!) and a bunch of other actors I’ve never heard of before, save Kim Coates, of Sons of Anarchy fame (Tig). It’s only a 7-episode series, and I don’t think they’re going to make anything more of it, but it hits on topics of family and religion and vengeance and learning to read. The basics. I think my wife and I are gonna start The Fall (also on Netflix), per her mother’s insistence it’s a good show. I also finished the first Zelazny book, Nine Princes in Amber. I’ll finish the rest of them after I get through Ready Player One, which I’ll be starting on my drive in to work tomorrow.


Isagenix – Day 5


Spoiler alert: I had Qdoba for dinner! I also had Wendy’s, but I still kept myself under 1400 calories for the day. It was a rough day, but I didn’t realize it until I got home and got in bed to take a ‘quick’ nap. I slept three hours, and I could have gone longer. There are several things that could be contributing to this:

  • the drop in calories compared to pre-Isagenix?
  • the increase in physical activities, doing the pushups?
  • the change in diet affecting my bloodsugar?
  • not getting enough sleep because I’ll stay up til midnight watching professional eaters eat?

Whatever the reason, I get exhausted. To be fair, taking naps is not a new thing to me, however, I took them before just to take them; I didn’t think much of it–it was just sleep. Now, I’m taking them out of necessity. I literally can’t keep my eyes open. It’s scary driving home, eyes wide open, and feeling yourself listing to one side of the road because you’re falling asleep. I’ve tried multiple things to stave that off, to include slapping or pinching myself, opening the window, turning up the music–nothing can best it. So when I got home today, I immediately headed for the bed and slept til 7. Again, I could have gone longer, but I was hungry.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I thought my wife and I were going out tonight to see Jumanji, and I was just going to have some chicken from a Logan’s or Chili’s or Friday’s or something, but signals got crossed and we didn’t go out. No matter, though, because I had Qdoba on my mind since mentioning it yesterday. I got a burrito bowl, brown rice, double chicken, pinto beans, double fajita vegetables, pico, double salsa roja, some cheese, and jalapenos. It was marvelous. I also had to go to Wendy’s to pick up some Frosty’s (Frosties?) for the wife and kids and, feeling lightheaded (more on that in a sec), I got myself a four-piece nuggets and ate those quickly.

I was probably lightheaded on account of my bloodsugar. I got my A1C results back today. It was 9.5! Normal is between 4.6 and 5.9, if I recall, and mine was way high. They changed my medication and told me I’ll be taking a higher dosage twice a day. So whilst at work, I decided to just double the dosage I had for the time being. Thing is, I took my normal dose at about 8, and around 9, I took the second pill. I had intended to take it later. I don’t know how much that would have affected my bloodsugar, but I was feeling lightheaded toward the time I got home, having only had my shakes, of course, for breakfast and lunch. Again, I stayed under 1400 calories for the day, so I’m not considering this as too much a cheat. We’ll see what my body says about it.

In other news, I’m getting a little better at learning Python. Now, I still consider myself no better than a beginner, reaching toward novice, but I’m getting it. I’m doing projects at work, so I’m doing a lot of research. There’s SO much to learn with it. I want to get into the GUI (graphical user interface) portion of it, so if anyone knows Tkinter, would love to have you as a resource! Until then, it’ll be a lot of Google and

I’ve got some D&D things to finish up (playing for first time in a few weeks tomorrow night), so I’m gonna call it a night, here, and crash after. Peace out!


Isagenix – Day 4


These blog posts will sometimes have minimal information. I don’t know what else to say for today other than I was exhausted today. Not having any caffeine at all is catching up with me. I could have some tea or something, or black coffee, but I’m trying to get rid of all that. It’s just going to lead to more cravings.

Bloodsugar was 212 this morning, so I guess it went down slightly. Marathon, not a race, right? I gained a little over a pound, which I was expecting, given that I wasn’t on pure liquid. Lost that extra little bit because of the cleanse, later. Details unnecessary.

Same shakes for breakfast (vanilla) and lunch (chocolate). Nothing’s gonna change, there, until I run out. I had to leave work early because I was exhausted. I think I’m getting closer to being able to withstand the dip in caloric intake, but for now I’m still pretty exhausted.

Dinner was a couple pieces of chicken and the broccoli I had leftover from Outback. I also had a couple ‘snacks’ of about a tablespoon of peanut butter. It’s got to be Jif peanut butter, too. All those other brands don’t taste right, in my opinion. It’s only got 3 g of sugar for two tablespoons, and I only had 1. That totaled under 100 calories, as well, so it was a pretty good snack. I nearly put it on a piece of bread/toast, but I’m going to try to stay away from those kinds of carbs a big longer, if I can. I’m really craving some Qdoba, though. I never get the burrito, but the bowl. If I can craft a bowl under 800 calories, I’ll okay that as a meal for myself. Need to get on there and figure it out, though. The only thing that sucks is I’m sure I’ll have to stay away from the queso diablo and the sour cream. I could probably get some shredded cheese, but really I think I’d rather double up on the fajita vegetables and chicken, instead.

As far as actual fast food places, I’m going to stay away from them for the month. It’s tough, too, because I love Taco Bell and Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A. Although, thinking about it, I could get the grilled strips from Chick-Fil-A. Hmm. What does everyone else do when they want a meal, don’t want to cook, and don’t want to spend a ton at a sit-down restaurant?

I’m four days into this 30-day commitment, and if I put it at percentages (13.3%) it seems like it’s going faster. I’m not saying I’m going to go nuts and revert back to my poor eating habits when I’m done, but I think I’ve learned my lesson enough to know to ease up. Portion control is real. Too much sugar is real. It’s hard go gauge if I feel better because of the diet or not because I’m exhausted, which is the same I felt when my sugar was high. Waiting another couple hours to test myself; I ate around 6, and they say its best to wait 4 hours after you’ve eaten before you test yourself.

I’m tired. Gonna see if I can talk the girls in to going to sleep early.

Isagenix – Day 3


Food! I just got done with dinner about an hour ago and eating was spectacular, though I was a bit disappointed, given I’d planned my meal out. Let’s start from the top, though.

I woke up this morning and took my bloodsugar, which was at a better 212. Still not where I want it, by a long shot, but much better than the previous morning’s 278. I haven’t taken my evening bloodsugar yet; waiting until about four hours after I eat…so we’re looking at a late night. That’s alright, though.

I had shakes today, instead of water, which was a super-welcomed change from the past couple days. I had a vanilla shake in the morning and a chocolate in the afternoon. They’re each 240 calories with 11 grams of sugar, and they’re pretty filling. But I guess in comparison to water, anything with calories is filling. Nothing spectacular happened, otherwise. You mix some water, some ice, and the shake mix together and drink it. The chocolate was better than the vanilla. If I were to continue the Isagenix thing past my initial 30-day commitment, I can probably live without the vanilla. I’ll suffer through it for now, though.

Dinner. So my wife, two girls, and mother-in-law all went to Outback, as planned. I changed my meal up slightly after looking at their website and decided, instead, to go with a 6 oz steak, chicken on the barbie, two orders of broccoli, and a cup of chicken tortilla soup. Well, this place didn’t have chicken tortilla soup (sigh), so I had to switch it up. I ordered an extra two orders of broccoli. Let me tell you, after the two day water fast, I wasn’t as prepared to eat as much as I’d ordered. I ate everything but those two extra orders of broccoli (though to be fair, I could have downed the soup were it available). So instead of what would have been about 790 calories, it instead ended up being roughly 730 calories, give or take a few (I had a half teaspoon of ranch that came with my wife’s/mother-in-law’s cheese fries; ate that with the broccoli). I didn’t eat any bread or cheese fries, but I did sneak one small french fry from my daughter’s plate. It tasted super oily. Don’t know if that’s the after effects of the water diet, and being a little more sensitive to taste, or if it’s just oily anyway. I didn’t need anymore than that. Also, I barely touched my water until I was done with my meal, but I finished all that, as well. Very satisfying!

On the way home, I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription. Yes, I saw the doctor today, but there’s no real developments. They took my blood to get an A1C (it was 7.6 or something in October…not great; I believe it’s supposed to be at or under 6). I’ll get the results in a couple days and then they’ll adjust, as necessary, my medicine dosage for the Type II diabetes, or pre-diabetes, or whatever it is I’m actually afflicted with. Also, found out I was apparently supposed to have gone up to 1000 mg of Metformin (my medication) twice a day. I’ve been taking 750 mg once a day…when I remembered to take it. I’m bad about taking medicine. Yet, another commitment I have made for this diet, and this year, and going forward. I gotta remember that stuff. Anyway, about CVS–they wanted $132 for 100 bloodsugar test strips. They’re normally $157. So my insurance (@myUHC) is taking $25 off. Ridiculous. Health insurance is such a fucking joke. The people in those positions making money off people, charging them exorbitant prices simply to get rich should “be in jail.” I put that in quotes as a substitution because I actually think differently, but don’t want to put those true thoughts to print.

I’m 10% through this month. I’ve lost 6.25 lbs as of this morning. I don’t believe I’ll lose any tonight, though I’d love to, because I think the initial loss is water weight, but I’m going to stick to it. And to anyone posting comments as this goes to Facebook, I appreciate it. Putting this on there keeps me accountable!

Isagenix – Day 2


I am exhausted. I’ve had no caffeine and I’m awake, for now, but only just. I took a two-hour nap when I got home. I don’t know if it’s a result of my lack of calories (320 in two days) or my blood sugar–more on that in a sec.

Today was my first day at work on this diet. I thought I’d be there and would be able to talk to my friends to see how they did but they were both out of work today. But that’s alright; I managed. Tomorrow I get my first shake. Or I guess technically it’s my second. I’d lost a bet 6 or 7 months ago and ‘ate’ a tablespoon-sized bit of the strawberry shake mix. #CinnamonChallenge Not a great idea, but for it being powder, it didn’t taste terrible, so I’m hopeful the shakes, when made properly, are better. I’ll be bringing chocolate and vanilla to work.

I could not sleep last night at all. I kept falling asleep, watching YouTube on my phone (as per normal), but my body kept waking me up trying to get me to eat. You know why? Not just because I was hungry or my caloric intake was so low, but probably because I was watching food challenge videos. Matt Stonie and Furious Pete are probably my favorites. It’s amazing these dudes are in such good shape for all the crap they eat! Dude, I’m salivating just linking these. I just gotta keep thinking that I get to eat tomorrow. I’ve already decided my ‘first’ meal, too.

I, like probably everyone, got a bunch of gift cards over the holidays and intend to use them quickly. Some of them, admittedly, were used early in anticipation of this diet. One of them we haven’t used yet was an #Outback gift card. I’m going to have a 10 oz filet, a bowl of chicken tortilla soup, and three orders of broccoli (no butter). Salivating again. I don’t know that I’ll normally have 800-calorie meals (this is 780, according to my googling), but after two days of 160 calories, I’m going to go for it.

So my bloodsugar was 278 this morning. I don’t get that. It was 202 last night and I thought for sure that I’d be around 160, max. I wasn’t ready to see a 76-point increase, particularly given that I’d only had water. Taking my bloodsugar just a few minutes ago, it had gone down; 167. I’m satisfied that it had gone down, but worried about what it’s going to be tomorrow. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk about all that, so I guess I’ll get some answers tomorrow, hopefully. Curious if they know anything about Isagenix and what their opinion of it would be.

We’ll see.

Isagenix – Day 1


Okay, day 1 of Isagenix. My friends and I are starting off with a two-day cleanse. What it involves is a large bottle of this berry liquid. What we have to do is drink 4 ounces of this at each “meal” which there are no real “meals” to speak of for this phase. It’s all water and this berry liquid. We get these little “snacks” too, but I’ll get to why I’m not taking those in a bit.

The berry liquid isn’t all that terrible. It tastes, to me, like concentrated Kool-Aid or something. Looking at the label, there are 40 calories per four fluid ounces. After the day ends, I’ll have had 160 calories–total. Add to that all the calories in water (…zero), and my intake for today will have been 160 calories of all liquid diet. My friend let me know we were gonna essentially shrink our stomachs for the first couple days. A max of 160 calories on the first day will surely contribute to that.

Measurements were conducted, as well. Had my wife help verify my measurements so I wasn’t cheating myself and I ended up with a total of 373 5/8 inches, which includes my neck, chest, diaphragm, waist, abdomen, butt, both upper arms, both upper thighs, both knees, and both calves. That’s over 31 feet of body measurements…seems crazy to me! I set a goal for each of those measurements and ended up with a total (after adding everything together) of 360 1/4 inches (just over 30 feet). I don’t know how accurate my goals are, because I don’t know what a good measurement is, so I guess we’ll see. Thinking now, too, my arms should go up a little, as well as my chest, if I stick to these 100 pushups per day, right? I can’t say I’d be too upset if those numbers went up on account of physical activity. Can’t be mad at that.

My weight was about what I figured. When I started, I guessed I would be between 235 and 238; I am starting my weight loss at 237 lbs, even. My goal for the end of the month will be 222. I’d actually like to be under 220, but my line of thinking is that if I can lose 15 lbs, that’ll be the least I’d weighed in probably 8 years, give or take. So there you go…I’m looking to lose a little over 6% of my current body weight. I think I’m okay with that. That’s not the end of the journey, obviously, but it’s a good start towards 180 lbs. I would LOVE to be there by the end of the year–just a matter of willpower.

Now to my blood sugar. This is the primary reason I’m doing this. I’ve been heavier than normal nearly all my life, but I never knew how bad my blood sugar was until about two years ago. I took everything for granted and just ate what I wanted; that’s now coming back to haunt me. My blood sugar this morning was 329. That’s obviously no good. My goal is to have a blood sugar no higher than 140 by the end of this month, and I think with a healthy diet and exercise, that’s attainable.

Today will not be fun, given that it’s only water I’ll be consuming, but it takes a drastic action to create a drastic result, at least for me. I can’t say I’m looking forward to tomorrow, as going a day without food, I think I can manage. But two days, with the second day being at work, that’ll be a test. I’ll be interested to see how my blood sugar reacts to this by the end of the day. That brings me back to the snacks! If my blood sugar gets seriously low, I’ll eat one of those, but I think I kinda gotta starve my body of sugar for a period of time so I can get it back to a more acceptable level. I have a doctor’s appointment Wednesday to talk about that, so I’ll update on that later.

I believe that’s all I’ve got for day one. Waiting for the headache to come in. Happy New Year, all!

The Beginning – Day 0


I’m getting ready to start a month of Isagenix. I don’t know much about it other than to tell you it’s a meal-replacement diet whereby you’re getting two shakes a day and one regular meal. No coffees, no juices, no sodas–just water. The goal is simple: live longer. I can’t do that if I continue on the path I’m on.

My blood sugar has been stupid high the past few weeks. Things took a turn for me when I saw it was 412 just before Christmas. Measured again and it was “down” to 349, then 320. That’s not good enough. On the day after Christmas, I waited nearly a full day to eat, having only a bottle of sparkling water (not the seltzer stuff I should have been drinking, but the aspartame junk), and it was still high–290! I wanted to start earlier, to lower blood sugar but I kept making excuses, primarily given that the 1st of the year is the traditional ‘get thin’ resolution and starting point. So that’s what I went with. I didn’t just gorge on whatever I wanted, but I wasn’t exactly counting calories, either.

My weight has been hovering between 235 and 245 for the better part of my life as an adult past the age of 30. Now, at 38 years old, I have not only myself I have to take care of, but a wife and two girls, too. I can’t be so greedy as to think that my health isn’t in some way affecting them. Shit, my potential death from diabetes should be more than enough a wake-up call to get on the healthy mend, but I guess I’m stubborn or greedy or too stupid.

So here’s my goal, my commitment to at least a month of better eating. I’m not thrilled with only eating once a day, but I need something drastic to change and kickstart my life into a more healthy path. This can’t be lip service, either, as all of this is sounding super-familiar to me. I find an excuse to get back to the bullshit I was doing before. But I don’t want that life, these clothes, that attitude anymore. I need to stick to it. I have friends that are doing the Isagenix thing, as well, and it’s gonna be awesome to have some company.

The first couple days we’re doing a ‘cleanse’ where we’re not going to eat anything. Not even the shakes. There’s this liquid you drink, 4 oz. four times a day, with all the water you can manage, but no shakes or food until the third day (Wednesday). I’ve done this part before and it’s awful. Bad headaches are just the start of it. I’m gonna be irritable, won’t be able to think straight, and will generally just be pissed off until I get some food. But I’ll be able to make it–after all I have a couple other people doing this, too.

I’ll be doing measurements tonight (height, weight, arms, legs, chest, etc.) and taking a before picture to compare to the end of the month when the 30 days are over. I’m also committing to doing 100 pushups a day (which seems daunting to me, given I never exercise) and walking/running at least 2 miles a week, if not more. I don’t want to commit to too much beyond that given the serious drop in calories I’m about to experience.

I’m really looking forward to the next month. It’s going to suck–a lot–at times, but there’s a couple others going through it, too, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t know that anyone other than myself will read this, but that’s my final commitment; I want to write something–anything–each day for the next 30 days and update with my general sense of where I’m at. It won’t necessarily be a here’s-what-I-ate-today kinda thing, but just a sanity check. Maybe if someone does read this, I’d love to hear your story or what you’re doing about your health.

Happy New Year!

Setting Things Up

I’m doing this for me. I think. This may end up being nothing, or it may have some kind of profound effect on me and get me back in to writing. Or I may use it as sort of a public email to my daughters for them to read about my life from this current point. It’s about 12:58 as I started this–in the morning–in Massanutten, an all seasons resort in McGaheysville, VA. I’ve been doing some work on the computer for a while. I say ‘work’ but I was putting my character in my phone for Dungeons & Dragons. More on that fascination at a later time. I just wanted to have a single post up here.

I plan to use this blog to vent frustrations, reveal successes, and force me to put fingers to keyboard. I plan to use this for my upcoming 10-day Detox, where I’ll be going off of sugar, flour, and dairy for 10 days, if not more. More on that later, as well, but you can get the book on Amazon, here. I’m just over half-way through it and I’m disgusted with a lot of what I’ve ready. Sugar is in everything and it is wholly (sigh) unnecessary.

I plan to use this for the things I’m not going to put on Facebook. I don’t necessarily intend to tell anyone about this blog I’m setting up–not at first, anyway. I’m doing this for me. If other people find it and read it, that’s fantastic.

I’m doing this because I never did anything with the previous website I bought. Maybe I’ll get back into it, but maybe not. I’m doing this because I started and stopped with DudeOMG, which I can’t even remember my username! And that’s a website we still update (kinda). More on that later…too. I have a lot of spinning plates, right now. I’ll get in to all of that soon. I’ve really gotta crash, though. We leave to go back home tomorrow afternoon, nothing’s packed, and I’m still up past 1 am.

Anyway, nice to meet you. This will later get weird and awkward.