Isagenix – Day 18


I’m 18 days in, now. Tomorrow is another measurements day, so I’ll do that shortly before bed, probably, and then post results. Then it’s Saturday. That’s gonna be a day I may be late with my post because I’ll be up in Maryland (ugh!…Maryland) for some D&D with some friends. I’ve also decided that I’m going to allow myself a traditional 2,000 calories for the day. Anything over must be burnt off in the gym within seven days or I’ll add another fasting day to the end (taking this through January 31st). I’m not gonna go crazy; I already know what happened when I did that. But I will likely have a nice Qdoba bowl or maybe some tacos from this taco place in Manassas I found, or perhaps some of that ‘food’ at Chuck E Cheese. Either way, it’s going to be a day to kind of relax and have a food day. Maybe I’ll even allow myself two meals; can you imagine?

We’re looking good with blood sugar. It was 146 this morning and 126 five minutes ago when I tested myself. I had a sub from Subway this afternoon, opting for a lunch vice a dinner since I had the girls tonight. It’s just easier to do that on the days that my wife works. Then any focus on making food is for them rather than me. A lot of good that did, though; they never want to eat. I wish I had their willpower! At least they fill up on milk and bread. I guess my daughters are medieval paupers as far as their taste for food is concerned.

I talked to some friends at work about macros and how much protein we should be taking into our bodies. Google will tell you that it’s 0.8 g of protein per kg of weight (or .36 g per lb), so I should be getting, at 227 lbs (103 kg), I should be getting about 82.4 g of protein a day. Adding up today’s intake as a sample, I got 48 g from the shakes (24 each for breakfast and dinner) and 18 g from the sub, totaling in at 66 g. My calories were around 1,100 for the day. It’s not fun. I’ve been at it for 18 days and I should have built up a tolerance for it, and I do to an extent, but cravings are still there. Hunger is still there. That stuff hasn’t gone away and I would venture to say it probably won’t disappear. Makes me think the people that say, particularly, that they have no cravings are full of it. There’s only so many shakes one can have before they get sick of it. Many props to the people that stick to this kind of a diet for a long term. I’m gonna go as long as I can, but I’m not going to suffer through it. I long for an omelette or some coffee!


Isagenix – Day 6


*Oops! I didn’t realize this was in limbo!

My first weekend with Isagenix and I was by my lonesome for most of the day. I’m not complaining, and in fact, that was probably easier. My wife and girls went to a baby shower an hour or so away so I was here. I got some things done around the house, to include folding a mountain of laundry. That’s never fun. I also scrubbed the hell out of the girls’ bathtub–less fun. Doing that, I was listening to a book recommended by my dad, years ago, called, “The Nine Princes in Amber” by Roger Zelazny. I was listening on my Echo Dot through Audible which recently only came up after talking to another friend who mentioned she was listening to “Ready Player One”. That’s going to be my next book. And then I’ll get on with the nine remaining books in the series I’m ‘reading’ now.

My bloodsugar this morning surprised me. It was 183 last night; more curious what it would have been had I taken my metformin at a more appropriate time, but I can deal with 183, for how early into this program I am. This morning–187. I was pretty shocked. Rather than going up 50 to 80 points, as per the past few days, it went up a grand total of four. I was also surprised give that I’d have my first round of real carbs with the brown rice, but I believe my body handled it well. I was pretty happy with that.

I had my chocolate shake for breakfast, and the blender I use at home must be a lot better because it was a lot thinner than when I use my friend’s blender at work. I think I actually prefer the shake to be a little more ‘bulky’ and I must have forgotten that because I did the same thing when I had my afternoon strawberry shake. Tomorrow, I’ll try to remember to put in more ice. The strawberry shake it alright; I think the chocolate one is my favorite. They’re all weirdly flavored, obviously, because they’re meal supplement shakes and not actual chocolatevanilla, or strawberry shakes, but they’re not terrible. They’re just different. It’s a kind of thing that one can’t really explain; it’s best left up to each individual trying it out themselves.

I’m keeping up with my pushups, and am still pre-loading. As I write this, I’m 30 ahead, so I’m pushing those to tomorrow’s totals. It’s strange how after a few hours my arms are almost yearning for the pushups. I’m still nowhere NEAR where I want to be, insofar as fitness, but I have to keep telling myself the whole ‘it’s a marathon, not a race’ thing. That’s always been my biggest thing with diets–getting the results immediately, and rewarding myself too quickly when I’ve done well, and slipping, then, back into my old habits. I wanted to do that today. My wife brought home chili. I didn’t think I could have it, so I read up. I doubt it was made with turkey, but I limited myself to a cup of it (with beans, btw) and a half cup of brown rice. I knew when I was finished that I could easily go right back and empty the entire container into my gullet, but I refrained. I had a tablespoon of peanut butter as a snack and now I’m doing alright. Marathon, marathon, marathon.

Dungeons and Dragons is starting in an hour so I’m gonna prep. Will check in tomorrow.

Isagenix – Day 17


My blood sugar last night was 118. This morning it was 140. After having nothing to eat for the day, you’d think it would be at the more acceptable 100-110 range, but I guess I’ve got a long road to go. It’s difficult for me to remember the whole “marathon-no-sprint” mantra. That goes for weight, too. I’m more lenient with weight because I am having 800 calories, on average, for dinner, vice the 400 to 600 others are suggestion. That’s just not sustainable in my opinion. I’m trying to plan for a future of better eating. I’m okay sacrificing those super-good losses. At least I keep telling myself that.

I went another day without much water at all. It’s not something I’m doing consciously or on purpose. I just haven’t been hungry or thirsty, save for the shakes I’d had. I had two chocolate shakes today. I just wasn’t feeling the vanilla today. If I were to ever do a sustained Isagenix routine again, I think I’d skip the vanilla and the strawberry, altogether. They just don’t taste that great in my opinion, but the chocolate ones aren’t bad. It makes me nervous because of my quest to find something else when these 30 days are up. It’s definitely going to be a powder-based protein shake as the pre-made stuff has too much sugar. That’s too bad, too. I’ve had the Slim-Fast shakes before, and they’re really good. That always comes with a price, though.

Dinner was good tonight! I had brown rice and Hormel hot chili with beans. That was a total of 820 calories. I’m still full right now. It didn’t do too bad a number on my blood sugar though; I just took it and it was 160. My hope is that a month or so from now, after this same meal, I’d be around 130 or so. The scary thing for me to think about though is that this is all still because I’m taking Metformin. I still have a long way to go to be rid of my meds, but that’s the ultimate goal. That’s not happening this year, and maybe even never, but as long as I get better, it’s a win.

Today I got an unexpected surprise; someone whom I’ve never met commented on my blog. That’s awesome! It was more in the lines of ‘hey, check out more information on sugars’ and that Isagenix still has a lot of benefits, which I realize, as my friend who got me started on this harps on that often. But this is from someone completely outside my circle and it’s awesome that my words were read by anyone outside my friends. I replied (as you can see, yourself) that I take her points, and I get that I should do my own research rather listen to reviews, and I do. I want to know what people from all perspectives think of Isagenix–and any other thing I may decide to purchase. Thank you, sincerely, to anyone that’s read or replied to anything I’ve posted here. You’re awesome!

Isagenix – Day 16


Today was another fasting day. I decided that last night. I just wanted to get it over with and today was just as good a day as any. It went fine up until about an hour ago. I’m really hungry. I’ve had that drink, which is not my favorite, and water. I had a small dill pickle when I got home (0 calories) and my stomach hurt afterward. I don’t know if it’s the sudden intake of the sodium or what, but I decided against having anything else, though at the time I felt like I could have eaten them all if I’d sat down. But I was too tired. I went to the couch and just relaxed. My shoulder is still in pain so I’ve just been taking it easy. That’s not easy to do when you have two little crazy girls running all over the place, wreaking havoc.

I haven’t taken my bloodsugar for tonight just yet, but last night’s was 195. I think the reason for that spike was the time I took my medication, which was at the time I took my bloodsugar. Tonight’s should be a bit different when I take it in a few hours, given that I’d taken my meds about 15 minutes ago, in addition to me having nothing else to eat today. I did notice today, though, that the drink for fasting days has only 40 calories, but 8 grams of sugar! I’m done with the bottles they sent me, though. And while I still have another day of fasting in my future (maybe two…we’ll see), I’ll figure something else out. For those days, maybe I’ll rather limit myself to a total of 200 calories for the day, which is about what I’d get on a typical fasting day, anyway. That way I can perhaps do 2/3 shake for the day, in addition to water.

Not much else went on today. I did some more Python. It’s like two steps forward, three steps back with that thing. I do a lot of research online, asking all kinds of questions, googling all kinds of things, and I put stuff together, and it works, but only partly. My new issue is trying to get a line number (index) to repeat correctly, as right now it’s only showing the first time an event happens. Exciting convo piece, right? That’s what consumes me now, though, other than the Isagenix. I do more measurements, by the way, on the 19th, so I’ll be doing that probably shortly before bed. Hoping to have lost a few more inches. I’d like to lose some more weight, as well, but as long as I can maintain a pound or two per week, I’ll be alright. This Saturday is a face-to-face Dungeons and Dragons session; the first in a lonnnnnng time. I’m going to snack, but I’ll have to get something healthy. Maybe pickles and jello? I’ll figure it out.

Isagenix – Day 15


I went to work today. There were maybe half the typical number of people at work than normal. I wanted to save my holiday anyway, to use it as leave for another day. I had some things I wanted to try and get done and I think I solved a problem within the very last 20 minutes of being at work. Working in Python is extremely tough for me, given that I don’t have a real colleague with the time to help teach me. There’s currently one person there that knows enough about Python to help me and that guy is always busy. However, he’s been extremely helpful, giving me pointers about some of the code I’ve written, tightening it up and just making it function a bit better. Still a fledgling; a long way to go. He’s also helped in having programs written that he’s converted from another language (Perl). He’s not a Python expert, by any means, but just knows and has been involved in programming much longer than I, and pieces things together pretty well. We’re getting a new person soon who seems to be a Python wizard, so that’ll be really good for me if he’s able to sit down with me and maybe a couple others and teach us the ropes.

My shoulder is absolutely killing me right now. If I keep it stationary, the pain is kind of numb, but if I move it, particularly when I raise my arm, the top part of the shoulder, kinda where the blue man, above, is pointing, it hurts. Needless to say, my pushups are on hiatus until the pain is reduced substantially.

Bloodsugar this morning wasn’t terrible; 154. I thought it’d be higher because of the Hershey’s Kisses, and I guess it was a little higher, but not much, so that’s a relief. I haven’t taken my bloodsugar for this evening yet; probably will in another hour or two. I like to try and do the four hours after I’d eaten to get a better idea of an accurate reading. I ate around 6. I had a footlong ham sub on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pickles, yellow mustard and a little light mayo. I’m pretty full now, and I think I’m finally getting my thirst back. I downed a 20 oz Dasani and am gonna go back for some more.

I had my vanilla shake for breakfast using some water that’d been in a container for well over a year. It had a real plastic taste to it. I dumped the rest of it. I can’t drink water if it’s got that plastic-y smell and taste to it. I didn’t have my lunch shake until I got home. I thought I would be clever and try a tablespoon of Nutella with a strawberry shake–never again. It was not very good. I chugged it down and then slept about 4 hours. I could not fall asleep last night and didn’t end up getting to bed until about 1:15. I woke up and had enough energy to last my short, less-than-six-hour day, but that was all I had.

Today is the halfway point of the diet and I’m fine with the results. The weight loss goal of 15 lbs may be a little lofty as I probably should be around 600 calories for dinner rather than 800-900 as I’ve been averaging, but I’m alright with that. The big thing, again, was my bloodsugar, and that is going down. The weight will come down eventually, and gradually. It’s better to lose 1-2 lbs a week anyway, because the massive weight drops are not sustainable and as soon as you get back into real food, that weight will shoot straight back. I’m going for something that’s sustainable. I can live with a sub-2000 calorie diet, whereas I used to think it was nigh impossible (because I was having 1300 to 1700 calorie dinners–a drastic difference); I think I can do this, though. I just have to be mindful of what I’m eating. That’s something I can maintain.

Isagenix – Day 14


I didn’t feel much like eating when I’d woken up this morning. I was still full from the night before. I guess the brown rice I’d had was more than filling, so it carried over to the next day. No matter, I was fine skipping breakfast. I skip breakfast quite often, actually. I can typically get to lunch without serious hunger pangs. Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day, anyway, especially where I work. The people put no effort into the food there and it’s soylent green every day. It’s Snowpiercer protein blocks. It’s chuff. It’s all the same. About the only thing I get that I can enjoy is a breakfast BLT from the Subway in there. Everything else is just sub-par. Now, if they had a full-fledged Cracker Barrel or something in there, that’s a different story. Might as well, as much a profit as they’re turning. You know these motherfuckers weigh their pancakes? Pisses me off. Anyway, the other thing I like for breakfast is just a coffee. I used to put a ton of creamer in there and 8 Splendas in my large coffee. I had drastically moved that down to just one Splenda into a medium coffee, shortly before Christmas, but I haven’t had much coffee the last week or so of 2017, and have had zero caffeine this year. Until tonight.

For lunch, I bypassed a shake. I wasn’t thirsty (and for those keeping score, I haven’t been thirsty for the last three days). I had the sample protein bar, a chocolate bar. It was really good. My wife even liked the bite I gave her; she hates the shakes. It was definitely a nice change of pace. When dinner came around, I put the chicken I’d cooked yesterday in some foil with a tablespoon or so of water and put it in the oven at 400° for 20 minutes–perfect. I added to that about 2/3 cup of macaroni and cheese, left over from my daughter, and maybe 2/3 cup of green beans. About an hour after that, I was still really hungry. I made myself a peanut butter sandwich and had some Hershey’s kisses. Now I’m regretting it. My body doesn’t seem too pissed at me; my bloodsugar was only 135 about twenty minutes ago. But I feel full, and I’m staring at this glass of water because I HAVE to drink it.

I got back into my pushups today. I probably could have waited. My shoulder feels like it wants to push itself out from the top of its socket every time I’m pushing back up, and when it’s ‘relaxed,’ it just feels sore. Oh well. I got my 125 done for the day, so we’ll see what’s going on with it tomorrow. And speaking of injuries, I got another one that was completely my fault, borne of stupidity. My daughter was eating at the table and dropped something on the ground (probably some Shopkin or something she was playing with). I leaned down to pick it up real quick and BAM! My forehead hit the top of the chair, right on the corner. And these aren’t nice wooden chairs where it’s a solid thud from a blunt instrument, no, these are cheap chairs made out of some lightweight aluminum or something with hollowed edges at the top and my head found the perfect angle to cut itself open. I immediately began laughing and my daughter says, ‘happened?’ ‘Daddy’s a big idiot, sweetheart.’ Put a band-aid on it and everything’s fine. Just a completely avoidable thing. So dumb.

Isagenix – Day 13


So last night didn’t go so well. I was alright after writing my post. I went and laid in bed, watching various YouTube videos trying to fall asleep. Then, out of the blue, I got the feeling. It’s that feeling you get when you know you’re going to throw up. I didn’t feel ill, like you do when you have a cold, just icky, like I wasn’t able to stomach the food I’d eaten. And it came out quick. I sat on the edge of the tub in my daughters’ bathroom and let loose, puking into the toilet. It was projectile vomit and it sprayed everywhere. I felt drained after I was done, got some water, brushed my teeth, and laid back down. I didn’t feel the best when I’d woken up, and in fear of having more of that come out, I’d made two decisions: 1) I wasn’t going to the gym. Cardio can wait. And 2) I needed to skip breakfast entirely. That wasn’t all that difficult to do considering it was nearly 10 am when I’d woken up. I was a little surprised at that. I’m thankful my wife let me sleep in! She didn’t realize I’d puked the night earlier, which makes her all the more great for allowing me to rest!

Speaking of rest, I didn’t do any pushups, as I’d indicated yesterday. My shoulder still hurts, but not as much. It’s a kind of soreness, now. I think I’ll be good to get back into my routine tomorrow with that. I owe 100 pushups, so those’ll be paid off within a few days.

Bloodsugar was 159, which isn’t terrible given the food I’d eaten yesterday. Better still, my bloodsugar just now was 135. As stated, I had no breakfast, lunch was a shake with a tablespoon of peanut butter, and I made homemade Qdoba bowls for dinner. They were outstanding! I marinated the chicken in orange and lime juice and some spices, grilled it, cut it up, and added it to a cup of brown rice, sauteed fajita veggies, pinto beans, some sour cream, regular salsa and ‘nuclear’ salsa that we’d gotten at Harris Teeter this morning. The food was so worth the wait! To be honest, I’m really surprised at my blood sugar being 135 right now because I fell asleep shortly after I’d eaten (not long, maybe 20 minutes, if that) and was concerned my sugar shot up. Looks like it was standard exhaustion, which is a relief!

Today was a relatively easy day. Tomorrow, depending on what time I get up, I might skip breakfast (or rather, the shake) and just have water, then a shake for lunch. I have leftover chicken from tonight I’ll have for dinner that I’ll pair with some veggies (maybe some potatoes and broccoli). Honestly, I’m not even hungry right now, whereas two weeks ago, I’d eat these pretzels I’m staring at in my office just because they were there. Oh, and I was thinking, for after this Isagenix plan is over by January 30. I’m going to mix in shakes, fasting, and eating a decent meal for dinner, as I have been, but I’m going to also allow for meals again for breakfast and lunch. I’m going to cap them at 300 calories each, though, or 600 total calories for the two. I’m still going to shoot for around 800 calories for dinner and see how long I can maintain the 1400 to 1500 calorie range. I’m not in a serious rush to drop all my weight, and 1-2 lbs a week is recommended anyway. So the way I figure, if I’m in that range of calories, that’s still about a thousand or so calories less than I was previously consuming. The only thing is sticking to it. Cheat meals are okay every once in a while, but I’ve got to balance all that out with either a fast day or cardio. Rambling now. Gonna finish my book. Not long to go for Ready Player One.

Isagenix – Day 12


Spoiler alert: I’m adding a fast day to my diet.

My wife and I got out of the house, together, for the first time in a while. Date night. We went out to get dinner (Mod Pizza, which is amazing!) and a movie (Jumanji). It was a pretty damn good night. So let’s talk about the food. Yes, I had pizza. And a salad. And some popcorn. And Twix. But I was really good all week and was under my target for calories by probably 700 for the week. But as recompense, I’m adding another fasting day, though it will be modified. I won’t have the cleanse drink, as per normal, but I’m going to modify a day with no food and just a single shake for the day. That’ll be good to even out any calories I ingested today.

Also, I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to go today. Worked late, so I didn’t get home til 4:30. Napped til about 5:30. Dropped kids off at mother-in-law’s by 6:10, and then dinner and movie. Now I’m here. It’s 11:35 as I type this, and I’m pretty tired. I might, however, stay up a bit more to listen to more of my audiobook. I’ve got about six hours, give or take, of Ready Player One. I consumed this book pretty quick. I should also get a chance to listen to an hour or so of it tomorrow at the gym. I’m not going to go crazy, but I’m gonna stick to cardio only tomorrow. I might get a wild hair and do a couple sets of machine weights, but that’s about it. And anything with shoulders, right now–forget it. My pushups are on pause so I can let myself heal, but I’ll make those up. If I’m good to go by Sunday, I’ll just add another 25 a day for four days and call it even.

Jumanji was a pretty damn funny movie. My wife and I liked it. It’s got a goofy plot, but it was good. It was definitely aimed at the more high-school-aged kids and the awkward young adults, but it was a good movie, nonetheless. All four of the main cast were pretty good in their roles (especially Kevin Hart and Rock, obviously), but there was a surprise cast member. Or at least he was a surprise to me. I think it was a good introductory role for dude, too.

Oh, before I head off, bloodsugar was elevated, as I’d expected. It read 183 about 3 hours after eating. Again, I’m going to compensate for my meal today with another fast day, and tomorrow is gym and a normal day again. Probably chicken and broccoli. It’s boring, but it’s effective.

Isagenix – Day 11


I had a whole diatribe in this spot about our President’s most recent colorful verbal diarrhea, but I deleted it. I think if you look at his actions and what he’s said and you support him, I already know what and how you think. People bring up ‘deplorables’ and this is absolutely just as bad, if not worse. I dunno what to say. I really don’t. It’s just not, in my opinion, good. In totality, it’s not good. Thirty-two percent of the population would disagree, I guess. But I digress.

My bloodsugar was 125 thirty minutes ago. Again, color me surprised. It was 137 this morning, raising only 3 points from the night prior. I had steak tonight, but it wasn’t great. We got some ribeyes, which were far too fatty. It was about a 19 oz steak which quickly turned into about 9 oz after it was cooked. The dogs got themselves a nice treat, though. I also had a sweet potato with just salt and pepper. What’s more, I only took in about 12 oz of water today, minus what’s required for the shakes (add another 16 oz). I just completely forgot to drink and wasn’t very thirsty. I’m going to have another glass before I go to bed, but I’m curious how that’s going to affect things with bloodsugar and the diet.

I’ve been slowly adding to the number of pushups I do at a time. I started this thing at about 10 at a time, got to 15, got to 20, and then 25, and today started at 30. My right shoulder is severely unhappy with my efforts; right on the top. Don’t know what I did to it, but it smarts pretty good. My goal is to get it up to 45 or 50 by the end of the month, if that’s possible. I’d be super surprised, too, because in the Army (when I was 40 lbs less, by the way), the most pushups I ever did was 44. I was just never a runner or a pushup guy. I was able (again, back then) to max out my situps, but was really bad at the others. Come to find out years later, I had an issue with my heart that was never diagnosed by them, despite my concerns and trips to sick call…again, I digress. If I can get to 35, that is probably what I was at in the Army, insofar as how many I could do non-stop. Fifty would be an achievement.

I’m half-way through Ready Player One and I dig it, a lot. If you’re in to video games, or D&D, 80’s, or sci-fi/fantasy, you should check it out if you haven’t, yet. I’m digging it!

Isagenix – Day 10


I made it through another fast. It’s hard for me to contemplate the fact that out of the last 10 days, 3 of them have been without any food. That’s a completely new experience for me. And to be honest, it kind of puts into a super-small perspective what people going without food is like. It’s exhausting and depressing. There’s a huge difference, however, in knowing that I’ll be able to eat the next day vice a homeless person who may have no idea when (or if) their next meal is coming. That’s a sad thought.

I got to thinking, after talking to a friend today, about Isagenix. Yes, it’s lowering my sugar, and yes it seems to be doing well, thus far, but I wonder if I could achieve the same kind of results with a whey protein shake, or another less costly option. At around $350–at the discounted rate–on a 30 day diet, we’re talking a total spent of near $11.67 per day. If you figure that accounts for two meals a day, that’s about $5.83 per meal. After (just now) doing some research, Isagenix is regarded as good, but not great. It’s got 11 grams of sugar per serving, which I thought was high, and reviews say that’s a bit much. It’s also one of the more expensive options. I will likely look elsewhere once my 30 days is over, should I continue on shakes-for-meal replacements, but will absolutely leave the door open to come back. There are just a ton of options out there for far less money and less sugar–my biggest concern.

Speaking of sugar, I’ve done fairly well today. Given that it was a fasting day, I guess I can’t be *too* stoked, but I was at 162 this morning and 140 about 20 minutes ago when I tested myself. I’ll note that I had to take a two-hour power nap when I got home because I was completely wiped, but I feel pretty good. Oh, another thing…and this is probably bad; I only had maybe 40 oz of water today, on top of the 16 oz of the cleanse drink. I just wasn’t thirsty. I’m not even super hungry right now, though if you threw 10 soft tacos my way from Taco Bell, I’d have a tough time turning them down–but I would. I made the commitment for the 30 days and I’m going to honor that. It may be a little difficult next Saturday as we celebrate my daughter’s second birthday. It’ll be at a Chuck E Cheese (obviously). I’m not a big fan of their pizza, as I find it way too buttery, but I’ll be hard-pressed to get a shake in there while everyone’s eating. And that stuff does NOT mix well by hand. That night, I’ll be at a friend’s house playing D&D, as well. That sounds like it’s gonna be a Chipotle or something else night.

Well, I’m a third of the way done with this thing (Isagenix, not the weight loss), and I’m satisfied with the results–I think they’re fine–but the whole sugar content thing is weighing on my mind. I’ll have to do some comparisons to other shakes to prep myself for February and see if it’s worth continuing a meal replacement diet or if I should instead just go with low calorie options. Maybe if I limit myself to 250 calories per meal (the shakes are 240), I could enjoy some scrambled eggs again, or a salad. Decisions…